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American Dreamer

Through Hard Work & Determination Anyone Should have the Opportunity to Better their Life.
I'd consider myself a rare millennial, this day in age we live in a hyper competitive world & the only way to succeed is through hard work. From a humble start my goal is to find a Job In the craft I love, programing & inventing new solutions and creating value. With a get it done attitude I envision, build & advance every project to completion & what I can offer you as a potential employer or client is a passionate & dedicated visionary.

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I'm a professional hustler, taking on any & every project thrown my way & building value out of nothing but a concept & vision. I'm an individual that thrives in the fast paste environment with a need to take ideas & turn them into a reality as we live in a start-up driven world. My biggest strength is how dynamic I am as an individual & each card is a representation of my work in its entirety. Specific sub-sections of my resume that correlate to a well-rounded portfolio & a driven individual.

Clear Up the Complicated Tech

More than just a programmer
Through my work I've been able to convey in-depth topics like algorithmic trading to the non-tech savvy individuals. This strength in understanding programing on a fundamental level & the ability to convey it by educating the consumer is one of my strongest abilities. Filling in the gaps lost in communicating a solid solution through managing communities, mass teaching through my videos & the articles I've been able to produce.

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The main goal of the project is to create a trusted community with the goal of achieving the american dream through hard work & determination.

Austin Kiese

Full Stack Programmer